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Documentation for Device::Modbus

This weekend I wrote the documentation for the main Device::Modbus distribution.

It is broken into three parts. The first is an introductory document, found in Device::Modbus. It describes the protocol and the fact that there are clients and servers. Then, it lists the steps to write a client and a server, and links to the detailed documentation for each step.

The documentation for clients includes the generation of Modbus requests and briefly touches on the required arguments. Clients are very simple, and thus the documentation is quite short.

On the other hand, servers are not so simple. I struggled a little to describe the definition of server units, but I hope the docs are clear. The examples in this blog (two so far, I think) should complement POD documentation.

I must include the POD examples in the test suite. It would be really embarrassing to notice that examples do not work.

The documentation for Device::Modbus::RTU and TCP is still missing. However, it should be quick and simple.

This weekend's work is now over at GitHub.