La séptima vida

...o el gato así lo espera/teme

La séptima vida

Welcome to La séptima vida: The last anguish of an old cat after a harsh day, or perhaps, his efforts for gaining a new life. It all depends on the side of the wall he's walking on.

I guess many of the articles in this blog will talk about Perl, a mature, ever-evolving, expressive programming language. With powerful object-orientation tools bolted on, Perl achieves a simplicity that is hard to beat. One of the characteristics that set Perl apart is that there isn't a "true and only way" of doing things, which is perhaps one of my favorite aspects of the language. You must know that if I were a carpenter, Perl would be my hammer. And everything would look like a nail.

While staying clear of any promisses about topics, these articles will reveal the dimensions of the space where I am hunting for meaning.

Finally, let me introduce myself as a self-taught Perl enthusiast, an engineer working for a small-but-global manufacturing company, a common mexican expatriate, and the parent of two children who make me and my wife really proud.