La séptima vida

...o el gato así lo espera/teme

Plotting data with Server-Sent Events

In the last article we imagined a dashboard that could display measurements coming from a machine, but the article felt quite short to that promise. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This article shows a simple plot built using Flot, a JavaScript plotting library.

Playing with MQTT and Server-Sent Events

Imagine an industrial machine emitting measurements and data as MQTT messages. These messages are then processed in a web server and pushed into a web page using Server-Sent Events to be displayed in a nice dashboard. Well, this posts merely scratches the surface of this application.

AnyEvent child watchers and timers

This article demonstrates a program which launches an external process, waits for it to exit, waits a certain time, and restarts the cycle again. It is built using an AnyEvent child watcher and a timer.

AnyEvent tcp_server

Some time ago, a user of Device::Modbus told me that it would be nice if the server was implemented using AnyEvent rather than Net::Server. So, this is a first attempt at bending my head over AnyEvent servers.